Today I went to a fooooood festival in Rochdale with my family :) Everything was so yummy!

The best has to be the Indian street food stall, called the Chaat Cart. I had something called puri chaat which look like this


you’re supposed to put it all in your mouth at once, and it kind of explodes with flavour and textures and i’m getting hungry typing this :) It’s filled with chickpeas, yoghurt, tomato, potato, coriander, tamarind chutney and pomegranate.

The lady making them was really nice too, she made me a bigger, spicier one for free, as a challenge to eat in one go :’) All of the food was vegetarian, organic and gluten free! She said I can email her for recipes too :)

All in all I’ve had a great day, super tiring though walking and travelling so much, especially with my brother and sister. Tomorrow we go to the same place again, this time for music! :)

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